NICE SHIRT (T-shirt by Animal Royalty)

NICE SHIRT (T-shirt by Animal Royalty)

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Animal Royalty was established in NYC as a lifestyle brand with an iconic aesthetic. The label was launched as a collaboration between two very distinct personalities. One was raised in an esteemed high-fashion house and the other in the world of underground rock and roll.  The result: a rare look and style only possible from such an unlikely duo. 

Welcome to the quirky kingdom of Animal Royalty. Time to crown up.

+ Animal Royalty’s debut consists of a mini taster collection of T-shirts and accessories: 


Animal Royalty replicates the feel and cut of that yummy vintage shirt rescued from the back of your parents’ dresser.

To achieve this,  the team invested a full year asking friends one simple question: "What is your favorite T-shirt and why?"

The aggregate response became the template from which all Animal Royalty shirts are designed. The result is lightweight, durable, stretched, and pre-washed with inside out stitching details. They are cut wide to fall comfortably and flatter your assets so you'll never need to look in the mirror twice.

The Animal Royalty signature shirt is enigmatic; white with a provocative word or phrase hand-written in bold black. They can be recognized from across the street, and inevitably become a topic of conversation for whomever has the good sense to wear one.

Animal Royalty: Make It Reign™